Established in 2019, The Creek District is Stuart Florida’s officially-designated arts and entertainment district. Located just south of Confusion Corner and encompassing Colorado Avenue and surrounding streets, this charming section of Stuart is home to a lively music scene, monthly art walks, and a wonderful selection of shops and eateries.
Brand Design/Logo Re-Design
Our mission for this project was to encourage consistency, using a clean, bold aesthetic, with the ultimate goal of helping to establish the district. We opted for a primarily black and white palette in order to stand out amongst the colorful Florida landscape and complement the variety of art being represented.
We also proposed the name be changed from "The Creek Arts and Entertainment District" to "The Creek District of Arts and Entertainment". It's a seemingly small change to make, but doing so allows for the name to be shortened to "The Creek District" when need be.
We began this work in early 2020 and became members of the Creek's advisory board several months later. Heather managed the district's website, curated the social media feeds, and designed the district's kiosk and marketing materials. We also did a lot of artist and business outreach on the district's behalf. We left the board in early 2022, however we still very much enjoy being a part of this growing community of artists and businesses!
Logo Re-Design
We simplified The Creek District's logo, keeping it one color and typographic only. Fun fact: the new logo mimics the shape of the district's boundaries on a map.
Horizontal Version:
Street Banner Design
We kept these minimal and bold in order to easily catch the eye of people driving through the area.
Art Walk Map Design
We designed a simple and easy-to-use map, which we updated each month, on a volunteer basis, as part of our advisory board duties.
Art Walk Advertisement

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